Internet Use Policy

All Internet resources accessible through the library are provided equally to all library patrons. However, use of the Internet must be compatible with the mission of the library. It is the responsibility of each user to:

  1. Respect the privacy and sensibilities of other users.
  2. Abide by the legal protection provided by copyright law for all materials
  3. Have consideration for the integrity of computing systems.
  4. Respect the equipment, software, and data belonging to the library or to other users. Patrons may not add, alter, or delete files on library workstations, hard drives or other library computer equipment.
  5. Follow copyright rules when reproducing copyrighted material.

Use of library computers for any illegal activity will be reported to local law enforcement officials and will result in the loss of library privileges.

Attempts to bypass network security functions, obtain passwords, or alter the configuration of library workstations in any way will result in a loss of computer privileges.

Use of the library’s internet computers will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Under normal circumstances patrons will be guaranteed a minimum of 1 hour of computer access per day.

Patrons will be charged for all pages printed.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children’s Internet use and will receive the library’s publication, Parent’s Guide to Supervising Children’s Internet Experiences when agreeing to allow their child to use library computers.


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